Used Car Purchases And What I Did Wrong

Posted on February 9, 2012 · Posted in Auto Electrical Repairs

One of the biggest mistakes that I have ever made was a couple of months ago when I bought a used car. This car has been a huge headache from the minute I bought it. I feel like just leaving this heap of junk on the top of a mountain. However, because I don’t have enough money to get a different car, I am stuck with it. I did not make one mistake when buying this vehicle; I made multiple mistakes. The following are just a few of the mistakes that I made:

  • I don’t know why I thought I was the right person to view the car and check it out, considering that I know nothing at all about cars. I doubt that anyone with a shred of experience would have even considered buying it. The fact that I paid for this car is something that every mechanic I have taken it to seems to be speechless about.
  • I also forgot to find out beforehand what the average selling price was for this car. So not only did I buy a complete banger, I also paid more than I should have for it; I really was scammed good. However because I had no idea of the fair price for the car, I have to shoulder some of the blame. I basically allowed him to overcharge me.
  • I am ashamed to say that I did not take the car for a test driver. I was embarrassed about my driving skills because I am a new driver. I am paying for this pride now. Even I would have noticed that there were problems with the car if I had taking a test drive.

Any time you happen to be in search of used cars, you’re usually better off trying to groundwork your motor vehicles beforehand. Good groundwork allows you to find only the very best models available. And once you finally finish your investigation, you may possibly find yourself leaving the auto dealers with a wonderful used car.