Take Care of Your Truck Bed in Style Together With Extang Trifecta Truck Tonneau Cover

Posted on January 8, 2012 · Posted in Auto Electrical Repairs

Folding truck bed covers have the best of both worlds.  For one thing, they’ve got the flexibility within soft, rolling covers, with no vulnerability and also the headache which comes along with securing rolled-up soft truck tonneau covers.  One of the most advised brands relating to folding tonneau covers is Extang.

For 25 years, they have led the market in hard and soft truck bed tonneau covers and have continued to be one of the greatest brands in the market.  Now with their new group of soft, folding tonneau covers, you’re certain to have the safety as well as the flexibility you would like within a reasonable price.

The Extang Trifecta soft-top tonneau cover combines look, function and sturdiness with its winning design and high quality materials.  The three-fold feature enables you to effortlessly access the truck bed as well as haul larger cargo:  something most hard-top truck bed tonneau covers can’t perform.  The Extang Trifecta also comes with rear clamps which securely maintain the tonneau locked whenever it’s folded down.  The rear clamps also avoid unauthorized access to your truck bed as they are attached on the inner truck bed lip, keeping your cargo safe from theft.  The rear clamps are also made of heavy-duty fiberglass so it’s guaranteed not to ever break.

This Extang tonneau cover is also very easy to install.  As a matter of fact, it requires you longer to take the Trifecta out of the box than installing it on your truck.  They are shipped pre-installed so all you have to do would be to mount the tonneau cover within the truck bed and secure with the front clamps that are also made of tough fiber plastic material.  These clamps are adjusted with knobs which you can turn to tighten up.  In just a few minutes, your truck tonneau cover is all set and ready to go, supplying you with state-of-the-art truck bed as well as cargo protection within a snap.

Smooth, durable and incredibly useful, the Extang bed cover offers optimum protection on your truck bed and cargo from rain, sleet, snow sea salt and other harsh elements which could corrode and eventually damage the otherwise beautiful finish of the truck bed as well as your cargo.  If you have a business and would want to invest on an aftermarket accessory which is both useful and trendy, the Trifecta tonneau cover would be a great choice.  And the good thing is, it has a 10-year warranty on the tarp, which is the best in the market.