Skyfalls for Honda´s CRF250R

Posted on September 28, 2012 · Posted in Auto Electrical Repairs

Japanese auto giant; Honda announced that their latest mean machine is to be used by film makers of the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall which was unveiled at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu.

The 007 stunt team has chosen the Honda CRF250R off roader for the film.  The 23rd James Bond movie was shot in Istanbul and Adana, Turkey and the modified bike is first seen in the opening sequence. 20 Honda CRF250R´s were used by the film makers and the street fighter was modified to look like a native style motorbike.  Two bikes were used in a chase scene featuring Patrice ( Ola Rapace) and James bond ( Daniel Craig).   The award winning special effects team of Chris Corbould, altered both bikes .

Two Honda CRF450R´s were used by the camera crew to chase the CRF250R and follow the various stunts.    Skyfall´s Stunt Co-ordinator, Gary Powell, commented that they needed a powerful and versatile off-roader which with the movie effects modifications would still maintain its performance and safety for the exciting opening sequence.  He added, Honda CRF250R is the best off-roader option and it’s great to join hands with Honda bikes.  The BOND IN MOTION exhibition is currently being held at the National Museum in Beaulieu displaying some unmodified CRF250R´s as well as the” police” and “merchant bikes” from Skyfall.

Skyfall features in India in November.    Doubtless the Honda CRF250R will be one of the most popular motorbikes in India.

Skyfall starring Daniel Craig and the Honda CRF250R, the off road motorbike in India.