Reasons of a Car Breakdown.

Cars made a huge impact in our history. It can be a lifesaver; but it can take a life as well. Nevertheless, we can’t change what has already happened but we can learn from the past. Car

Car accidents occur because of ignorant and careless drivers. However, what is sad is that a company known as North Perth Mechanics found out that a huge number of car accidents happen because of car breakdowns. Stupidity on the road is hard to mend but car breakdowns can easily be prevented.

It is frightening to know that the safest drivers can cause accidents because of vehicular problems. These things can be avoided and here are the reasons and signs on a car that is about to break down:

The Battery

The number one cause of car breakdowns is damaged battery. There are many signs that your battery is about to lose its life. One is that screeching sound your car makes during start up. Another is low power dim lights.

In addition, batteries also end up dead because of repeated short distance travels. So, make it a habit to pump up your battery by taking long distance travels. Corrosion can also affect your battery. This can easily be fixed by putting oil to make it corrosion free.


Malfunctioned brakes are usually the most terrifying problem in a car. Make sure that your brake fluid is changed every two years. The signs are usually easy to spot. These include brake pedals that are too soft and when you hear squeaky noises.


Another common reason why cars break down is by gassing their car with the incorrect fuel. This is a very common case and can do huge impact on your car’s performance. In relation to fuels, running out of fuel is also a common cause of car breakdowns.

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