Need Your Car To Appear Its Best But Don’t Have The Money For A Expert Clean? Read These 8 Tips About How To Keep Your Car Looking Its Absolute best – On The Cheap

Posted on November 24, 2012 · Posted in Auto Electrical Repairs

All of us want to keep our cars looking as good as the day they left the display room, for as long as possible. But how can this be achieved on a budget?

Using the very best products and tools for your car (see – BiltHamber wax )can help to keep your car in beautiful condition. But here are 8 top tips for keeping a beautiful looking car, without the unnecessary expense.

1.Give Your Car A Once-Monthly Wash

There are obviously many perks to having your vehicle cleaned professionally, however when you want to save some money, deciding to clean your car by hand is by far your best option. So why wait – grab a sponge and get going!

2.Hoover Your Car’s Interior

The cleanliness of your car is not only about the exterior; it’s also about maintaining the inside of your car looking clean. So, make sure you regularly hoover the interior of your car to keep it clean and dust-free.

3.Keep Your Car A Smoke-Free Zone

A clean car should mean a smoke-free car. Once you allow people to smoke in your car, removing the smell of smoke can become close to impossible. Get a ‘NO SMOKING’ sign if you know you’ll have some trouble with specific passengers.

4.Ban Food And Drinks

Even though it can be tempting to eat or drink whilst in the car, forgotten litter, stains and the smell of food can become an issue. So, try to make certain that your car is kept a drink and food free zone all the time.

5.Treat Rust

Nobody ever wishes to see signs of rust developing on their vehicle. If you’ve begun to spot rust developing on the paintwork of your car, try to put a quick stop to it with a affordable rust remover – see rust remover gel .

6.Protect Your Flooring

The carpets in car’s can become all too easily scuffed and damaged – especially during the winter months. However, this is a problem that can be solved by laying down either thick towellings or car mats – based on your budget.

7.Transport Your Pets Wisely

Many people often choose to take their pets with them in the car. However, the result of this are usually hair covered carpets and seats!

So, next time you transport your furry friends be sure to lay down a blanket for them or use a crate.

Keeping a beautiful looking car doesn’t have to be expensive work. For more information on the best products available for your car, seeclaybars.