Combat Rust This Winter – And Win!

Posted on May 11, 2013 · Posted in Auto Electrical Repairs

If you live in particularly cold climates, where you see a lot of rain, snow and sleet – chances are you are well-acquainted with rust.

Rust – the enemy of every car owner. But what exactly is it about rust that sends motorists running for the hills? To begin with, rust is particularly unpleasant to look at. With the first signs of rust goes the showroom shine that you worked so desperately to keep up. Furthermore – rust isn’t just ugly, but it can damage the safety and functionality of your car. This is because rust can actually weaken the exterior of your vehicle, reducing its structural strength and potentially making it more of a danger in accidents.

The best time to take action against rust is during the winter/autumn seasons – when the early signs of rust can begin to set in.

If you are hoping to do battle with rust, then see these top tips, to put an end to it once and for all.

Tip #1: Get your car waxed. Try and wax your car preferably in autumn, before the really harsh weather starts to hit. With such a wide and varied range of waxes now available on the market (see – rust prevention paint), you can easily find a high-quality car wax that’ll not only give your car a beautiful shine, but will give it the protection it needs in time for winter.

Tip #2: Wise up to winter! Once winter hits and the cold, snowy weather shows up, extra care needs to be taken to make sure your car is kept rust-free. Once the temperature drops below freezing, never feel tempted to wash your car. Firstly, who wants to wash their car in sub-zero temperatures? And secondly, whilst there is still snow and ice on the car it is helping to create a layer between the road’s salt and your car’s paintwork.

Tip #3: Keep floors clean. Avoid bringing snow covered shoes into the car. If you bring wet shoes in the car, the water will seep through on to your carpets – eventually resulting in rust-covered floorboards. Consider purchasing rubber mats for your car floor and ask other passengers to kick off any snow or slush that’s stuck to their shoes.

Tip #4: Park your car outside. Whilst keeping your car in the garage during wintry weather may seem the most logical idea, in fact, doing this provides the perfect setting for rust to develop. A warm garage will only melt away any ice or snow which may be on your car, giving salt and grit the opportunity to begin corroding your car’s paintwork.

Tip #5: Catch it early. Once rust starts, it only gets worse. So – if you do spot the early signs of rust, make sure you treat it with a good-quality anti corrosion coating. With the right product and careful application, you can stop any rust in its tracks – ensuring that your car is kept beautiful and well-maintained all year-round.

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