Choose UK Manufactured Load Cells And Load Links

Posted on September 30, 2012 · Posted in Auto Electrical Repairs

It is always a false economy to skimp on quality when it comes to load cells – dependability and precision accuracy are vitally important so why take the risk?

Load links are particularly important because they are used for a wide range of safety-critical applications across a broad spectrum of industrial sectors.

These important links are used in the measurement of tension in equipment such as hoists, lifts and cranes.

Load links also have an important role to play in the marine sector. They are used to calculate the forces created when tugs pull large vessels into their moorings.

Richmond Industries (the Load Cell Shop) is a UK manufacturer of load cells that has two decades of expertise in designing and manufacturing load cells.

Berkshire-based Richmond uses the highest quality materials, follows ISO 9001 procedures and works to the BSSM (British Society for Strain Measurement) code of conduct.

Richmond’s custom-manufactured load cells play a vital role in hi-tech equipment used in the race-balancing of GT3 racing sports cars.

Richmond was chosen for the project because of the high quality of its work and its track record in delivering complex projects in tight timescales.

Managing Director Chris Beasley said: “Our load cells are not made from the common ‘off the shelf’ materials but ‘released’ materials.

“This means that the materials used are fully traceable – guaranteeing their quality. This is particularly important for industries such as aerospace and defence.”

Richmond Industries manufactures highly advanced load cells and force measurement products for companies, governments and academic institutions all over the world.

The company’s products include low profile, S-beam and cantilever beam load cells.

In addition to load cells, Richmond also supplies a wide range of associated electronics such as load cell amplifiers, amplifier boards and on board and handheld programmers.

For more information, visit or contact Chris Beasley, +44 (0) 1189 310 396,